Flu Shots Available At Montreal Travel Clinic

The last thing that should be a surprise when you are on holidays is your health.

That’s why it’s a good idea if you are going on vacation that you check with a travel clinic to see what vaccinations might be needed before you travel.

It is essential if you plan on travelling with children that they have all the shots they’ll need to be safe on holidays.

There are a number of travel clinics to serve you and your family in Montreal and the surrounding area that will advise you on what vaccinations are needed for different parts of the world.

Here are some things to consider when travelling abroad with children: 1. Ensure your kids have the appropriate vaccines as children are prone to suffering diseases more severely than adults. 2. Flu shots should be considered for kids over six months of age. In the Northern hemisphere, flu season is usually from November to April. In the Southern hemisphere it runs from April to October. In tropical areas, it runs year-round. 3. Confirm whether your child’s routine vaccine schedule needs to be adjusted to ensure they are completely protected before travelling. 4. Some vaccines have age limitations, so travelling with an infant could be risky if they aren’t eligible to receive the needed vaccination.5. Most vaccines are safe for breastfeeding mothers.

A note on malaria: It is best to avoid travelling with children to areas prone to malaria as kids can develop severe bouts of the disease. If you must take your child to an area at risk of malaria, talk to your health care provider to determine whether if anti-malarial medication should be taken. It can hard to get children to take anti-malaria medication

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