Know About Ebola

Everyone is concerned about the Ebola virus these days and rightly so. According to the WHO, the virus infecting and killing individuals in Western African countries is the most serious recorded occurrence. Some things that can be done to help control the Ebola problems would be to set up more health care workers and open new hospitals in those nations that are affected the most. The Ebola virus illness, which was also known as the Ebola hemorrhagic fever can be very critical. The virus is normally passed to individuals from wild animals and propagates in the individuals through person-to-person transmission or contact. Case fatality rates have varied from 25% to 90% in past breakouts. The first Ebola virus outbreak that we know of happened in isolated towns in Central Africa, near humid and warm jungles, but the most recent occurrence in west Africa has involved major cities as well as non-urban areas.

Symptoms Of Ebola

Beginning signs may include muscle pain, high temperature, vomiting, serious weakening, diarrhea, throat pain and headache. These signs may be followed by some internal blood loss. The Ebola virus often impacts one’s body organs such as the kidney and the liver.

Deadliness of Ebola

Previously, about 90% of individuals who got affected the virus have passed away. Ebola has been described as one of the earth’s most dangerous illnesses. Recently, the rate of survival has been much better, about 50% are surviving now with treatment.


It is still not known what the common host for Ebola is. The fruit bat is considered to be the main root cause. If an animal is considered to have the virus, it would be best to quarantine the animal, pick out the contaminated animals, bury or incinerate the carcasses for safety. Today, most cases of Ebola are the result of individual to individual transmitting.

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