Relation between aging and cardiovascular system

tuaAging is a process of disappearance of the body’s ability to repair or replace them and maintain the structure and function normally. This process is ongoing throughout one’s life. Unlike a pathological condition, every human being must be experiencing the aging process. Aging has been genetically programmed in each individual, but the external factors play an important role in modifying the process and this fact explains why some people can look older / younger than their chronological age. The status and activity of a person’s physical condition can radically affect cardiovascular function when he/she is getting older.

The process of aging will cause changes in the cardiovascular system. This process in turn will cause changes in heart physiology. Changes in cardiac physiology should be distinguished from pathological effects that occur due to other diseases, such as coronary arterial disease which is also common with increasing age.

There is a big problem in measuring the impact of aging on cardiac physiology, namely on the issue of latent disease that is found in the elderly. It can be seen from the prevalence of CAD in the autopsy, which is found in more than 60% of patients that aged 60 years or more, experiencing 75% occlusion or greater, at least one coronary artery. While the results of other data collection were recorded only about 20% of patients aged> 80 years who have clinical manifestations of CAD. Clearly this illustrates that the most elderly, the disease is asymptomatic CAD.

It is very difficult for us to conduct research on the physiological effects of aging on the heart. We must first rule out the possibility of other diseases such as CAD on a group of elderly people who seem healthy. However, not all the research done by first getting rid of the latent disease that may be present. This has often led to the presence of differences in data collection on a number of studies.

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